Innova Capital Partners

About Innova


Innova Capital Partner’s (Innova’s) key staff and directors have a successful track record of developing projects and investing. The Team is comprised of financial professionals with experience in investment banking, development economics, asset management, and various industry sectors having executed projects in various markets.

Our strong belief in energy and infrastructure investments as a key foundation in society’s advancement permeates through our strategy and project execution.


Innova is a global developer with a focus on energy and infrastructure investments. However, we are not limited to these spheres. We are often called upon to analyze unique opportunities and will participate in sectors where we feel we can leverage our expertise and apply our strategy to add value.

Innova invests in projects and companies at various stages. Our goal is identify talented local teams in promising sectors in order to work closely to take a company or project to the next level.

Innova’s primary business is to invest its own capital into the development of infrastructure and energy projects.

Innova has operated throughout the world with strategic foci in the United States, Colombia, and Mexico. We work closely with our local teams to originate as well as structure and develop investment opportunities.