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eSite Power Systems expands into new markets with Latin American order of its eSite x10 telecom site power supply system.

April 7, 2021

eSite Power Systems expands into the Latin American market with an order from Colombia by Innova Solar Colombia (“ISC”).

eSite Power Systems is expanding its global operations reaching into the Latin American market through ISC, its partner in the region. ISC will be deploying the eSite x10 telecom site power supply system across Colombia. The equipment will be installed to serve new off-grid sites to boost the mobile network, which will improve coverage in terms of reach in underserved rural areas. The new telecom towers will operate 100% on renewable energy.

The rollout in Colombia is part of the government’s 700 Mhz spectrum deployment over the next 3-4 years to reach rural and remote areas in Colombia to bridge the digital divide. “Innova has always focused on investments and projects that further development in addition to having a significant social impact, and thus we are very proud to be part of this effort, said Mukesh Prasad, Managing Director of Innova Capital Partners”

“As telecom towers require extremely high availabilities which implies high reliability in energy supply, we focused on working with state-of-the-art technology and we believe that the eSite x10 power system is the most indicated solution for the new sites being built in Colombia”, says Marlon Acevedo, Director of Projects at ISC, “We look forward to even more opportunities where we can utilize eSite™  x10 in the region” he added.

eSite™ x10 is the world’s first telecom site power system purpose-built for outdoor telecom sites and to outdoor telecom standards.  It is a patented, sealed tamper-proof outdoor rectification unit with passive convection cooling, no filters, no moving parts and it requires no maintenance.  eSite™  x10 is the future of telecom site power.

“We are very happy to see new customers finding our eSite™  x10 a suitable solution for new telecom sites”, said Mattias Karlsson, CEO, eSite Power Systems. “I am equally happy to see that the x10 system is being deployed into new markets, expanding our global footprint”, continues Karlsson.


About Innova Solar Colombia

Innova Solar Colombia (“ISC”), a subsidiary of the US-based Innova Capital Partners, is a developer, investor, and provider of comprehensive solar energy solutions. ISC manages each of the phases of the project, from the structuring, financing, engineering, and installation of the solar systems to their operation and maintenance.

ISC develops and structures both utility size installations as well as distributed generation solutions to Commercial & Industrial (“C&I”) clients in Colombia.



About Innova Capital Partners

Innova Capital Partners (“Innova”) is a global investor with a focus on disruptive innovations. We look for unique opportunities and participate where we feel we can leverage our expertise and add value to promote growth and success.

Innova invests in projects and companies (Innova Solar Colombia is owned by Innova Capital Partners) at various stages, identifying talented teams in promising sectors and working strategically to help them grow. Where needed, Innova develops its operating team to capture opportunities.



About eSite Power Systems:

eSite Power Systems is a Swedish technology company zspecializing in telecom site power supply systems.  With over 15 years of experience designing and manufacturing its award-winning eSite™ product, eSite Power Systems is a leader in its field and has pioneered the deployment of sustainable green power infrastructure across Africa and Asia.

Intelligent power harvesting from any combination of solar, grid, and Genset makes eSite x10 the most versatile system on the market today.  And its fully integrated eSite Tools remote management system captures all site data, enabling KPI reporting, alarm management, and energy optimization of eSite networks.  eSite™  x10 is the future of telecom site power.

eSite Power Systems is headquartered in Sweden and has additional offices in Dubai, Nigeria, and South Africa.